Campus Recruitment

An Overview

        The enterprises world wide and their need for resources are growing rapidly. The entire world has shrunk to a global village and the fore said need is met globally. The scarcest of these resources will be man power in the near future. The fastest growing sector out of these enterprises is the Software Industry. India has a major share in it. This is why the software companies here are absorbing students in large numbers year after year.

        This results in Campus Recruitment through which the companies are looking for quality brains that are cheaper than the professionals, and the students are looking for good companies to absorb them! Itís both the need of the company and the students to conduct Campus Recruitments. Nevertheless the students should take the full responsibility on their shoulders to bring in the Employers to their colleges because the number of colleges is on an all time high. Also the competition within the college is too little. Once the students pass out, they have to face global competition. These are the main things that come under campus recruitment:

1. Pre Placement Talk (PPT)
2. Aptitude Test
3. Technical Test
4. English Test
5. Group Discussion (GD)
6. Resume
7. Technical Interview
8. HR Interview



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