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1. A renting house has 100 chairs which it rents out for a charitable organization for free. However, for ensuring 
that the chairs are returned in good condition, the renting house offered Rs 3 for every chair returned in good 
condition and charged Rs 9 for every broken chair. At the end of the day, the charitable organization received 
RS.240. How many chairs were returned broken? 
2. A chess tournament was held at a college with the rule that the player will be knocked out of the tournament the 
first time he fails. If the tournament started with 50 players, how many games would be needed to find the 
3. A cube of side 9 metres is painted blue on all sides. After this it was sliced into smaller cubes of 1 metre 
each. How many snallers cubes thus obtained would have atmost one side painted blue?
4. A truck uses 6 tyres to move and has 2 spare tyres. If the truck travels 16000 Km such that all the tyres 
(including the spare ones) where equally utilized, how much distance was each tyre used for.
5. A school has 3 old buses which it sells for buying new ones. These were all sold at Rs 2.4 Lakhs such that there 
was a profit of 20% on the first one, a loss of 20% on the second one and a no profit / loss on the third one. In 
this transaction how much profit / loss did the company incur?
6. A drawer has 16 pencils, 4 each of 4 colours. Ram opens the drawer and picks a pencil at a time without looking 
at them. How may attempts would Ram need to have atleast two pencils of the same colour?
7. A dog is tied to the corner of a square plot with on chain of 10m length. How much area is availale for the dog 
to play? (Use pi as 3)
8. Alex and John can separately do a piece of work in 10 and 15 days each. They start working together on this and later, John leaves. After this, Alex completes the work in 5 days. For how many days did Jonh work?
9. 6 men weight as much as 8 women, two women weights as much as 3 boys and 4 boys weight as much as 5 girls. If a 
girl weights 15Kg, how much would a man weight?
10. The length, breadth and height of a swiming pool are in the ration 10:6:2. For use for children, the pool 
management decided to reduce it's depth by half. Provided that the width should remain unchanged, by what 
percentage would the length need to be increased so that the volume of water inside remains the same?
11. The output of the code segment would be
Struct x
int i;
char c;

union y{
struct x a;
double d;

printf("%d",sizeof(union y));

12. The output of the code segment would be 
struct x{
char c1;
char c2;
int i;
short int j;

struct y{
short int j;
char c1;
char c2;
int i;

printf("%d %d",size of (struct x),size of (struct y));

a)12 12
b)8 8 
c)12 8
d)8 12
13. The output of the code segment would be
enum x {a=1,b,c,d,f=60,y}
14. The output of the code segment would be
void main(){
# define x 10

printf("%d \n",++x);

c)compile error 
d)runtime error
15. The output of the code segment would be
void main()
int k=2,j=3,p=0;



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