Alcatel Placement Papers



1. In a cryptographic code, a means -, b means +, c means and d means x. 
What would be the value of the below expression if it is evaluated after decoding?

10 d 12 b 14 c 2 a 3
2. John is is older to Kevin by 4 years. If their ages are in the respective ratio of 9:7, how old is Kevin?
3. The ages of Ravi and Babu are in the ratio 6:7. If Babu is 4 years elder to Ravi now, what would be the ratio of their 
ages after 4 years?
4. Anil is 2 years elder to Bobby who is twice as old as Cris. How old is Cris if their ages sum up to 27?
5. A a fruits merchant buys 100 oranges for Rs 350. He then sells them at Rs 48 per dozen. What is the profit or loss 
incured by the merchant?
6. A book seller sold a book offering a discount of 5% a still made a profit of 23.5%. How much profit would have he made 
if the discount was not offered?
7. John who runs a used goods shop sold a pocket radio for 10% disctount and earned Rs 100 as profit. What is the cost at 
which John bought the radio?
8. Fill the missing entries in the below series

2, 5, 12, 65, 729, ______
9. Fill the missing entries in the below series

2, 6, 12, 20, _____, 42, ______
10. Reasoning type questions.
11. Data sufficiency Kinde of questions.

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