Hexaware Placement Papers



1. Some 15 Qs from Language Skills - SYNONYMS, ANTONYMS & INCORRECT SPELLINGS
2. Some 85 aptitude Questions - Odd man out, Computer Awareness, Numerics, Output of Algorithms.
3.  If 308XYZ is divisible by 25, what is XYZ?
4. Find the odd figure
Hexaware placement question 4 graphic
5.  Find the next number in the series.
0, 3, 8, 15,__
6.  Find the next number in the series.
1, !, 2, @, 3, #, 4, $, 5, __
7. For what value(s) of X would the following statement be true?
|X| + X = 0
a) 1 b) 0 c) 1,0 d) None of these 
8.  A room has a floor area of 6m x 8m. Tiles of 20cm x 20cm are to be laid on the entire floor. How many tiles would you buy to complete the flooring?
9.  Ram and Raj can finish a piece of job in 8 days. How may days would it take Raj to finish the job alone if Ram alone can finish the job in 24 days.
10.  A vintage motor bike has a wheen such that the angle between two spokes is 15%. How many spokes would there be on a wheel?
11.  What is the angle that the hour hand of a clock makes with its minute hand when the time is 2:30 AM?
12.  The fuel tank of a train loses 20% of it's capacity due to a leak. What % of the fuel be required to refill the tank to it's full capacity?
13.  Ravi and Vinod starts walking in the same direction at speeds of 2 and 8 kmph. At what time would the distance be 4 km?
14.  The length of a rectangular paddy field is reduced by 10%. By what % should the width of the filed be increased so that the same amount of paddy can be cultivated?
15.  John walked 30m west then turn south and walks 5m. He then turns west and walks 10m after which he turns towards north and walks 35m to reach the exit. What distance has John covered from the point where he started to reach the exit?

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