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1. 2 pipes can fill a tank in 10 and 20 minutes if the tank is perfect. But there is a hole in the tank that can 
empty it in 30 minutes. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, how long will it take to fill the tank?
2. There are two pipes that can idependently fill a tank in 20 minutes. Both these pipes are opened together and 
when the tank is half filled, one of them is shut. How long will it take to fill the tank from the moment when 
the pipes were opened?
3. There are 3 pipes A, B and C that when opened simultaneously would fill a tank in 20 minutes. C can fill the tank
twice as fast as A which in turn would fill the tank twice as fast as B. How long will it take for B alone to 
fill the tank?
4. A 100m train fully covers a pole near it's track in 10s. What is the speed of the train?
5. The driver of a passenger train travelling at 40kmph notices that a goods train moving in the opposite direction 
fully passes by him in 12s. What is the length of the goods train if it is travelling at a speed of 60kmph?
6. A faulty evilvator moves 2m up and then slips 0.5 meter down. How long will it take to reach the top floor of a 
building which is 50m high?
7. Find the ratio of radius of the sphere to the height of the cone if the volume and the radius of both sphere and 
cone are equal.
8. Raju, an accountant, multiplied an amount by 7/18 insted of 7/8 and got a value 770 less than the value he was 
supposed to get. Find the original amount Raju started off with.
9. Tom and Jerry started a shop with Rs2000 and Rs2500 investment respectively. They made a profit of Rs 1000 from 
the shop. They equally divided half of it among them and rest they divide based on their investment. What are the 
profits each got?
10. Find the rate of compound interest if an amount doubles in 4 years.
11. Peter deposits an amount with a bank in the fixed deposit which offers an interest compounded annually. John 
deposits the same amount with the same bank but in the savings scheme where he gets the same interest rate as 
Peter but is not compounded. What would be the ratio of the sum that John gets after 6 years to that Peter gets 
12. Andy and Brad can finish a piece if work in 12 and 9 days respectively. They start off together and Andy leaves 
on the third day. How many days more would Brad take to complete the work?
13. An Navy ship has enough supplies for its crew of 90 men for 70 days. On the 30th days of the voyage 10 more 
sailors joined the crew. How many more days would the supplies last?
14. A pump usually fills a tank in 8 hours but due to a whole in the tank it took 10 hours to fill the tank. How much 
time will it take the whole to drain the whole tank?
15. Kumar, a book store owner sells 10 pens at a profit of 12% .If he had sold it at a loss of 12% then he would have 
got Rs.60/- less. At what price did Kumar buy the pens for?
16. How many complete spheres of radius r/10 can you make by melting and re-moulding a sphere of raduis r?
17. In a village there are 2000 people. In 2005 the population increased 10%, 12% in 2006, 14% in 2007. What is the 
population at the begining of 2008?

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