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Infosys is a dream company and is one among the top three in India. Infosys has a habit of sticking to old questions time after time.  The Infosys test takes the following pattern in 2006.


There are a total of 2 rounds.

Round I Written
Round II Interview

The written round consists of two parts: The puzzle part and The English part. The puzzle part usually has repeated questions. This part is to be answered in 60 minutes and has 10 puzzles. Actually you may need more time to solve them if it's your first encounter with them. Different puzzles are weighted differently, the difficult ones have more weightage. You will find it easy to get them solved once you have done with Puzzles to puzzle you and More puzzles to puzzle you - both by Shakunthala Devi.

The English part is to be done in 30 minutes and is easy to get through. It has comprehensions, some grammatical questions, sentence correction and synonyms!

Once you have cleared the written round, you are almost in. The interview is mainly an HR one. It's a casual talk plus a few puzzles again! It doesn't matter if you answer them correctly or not. They just look the confidence with which you tackle them.


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