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1. John can buid a wall in 20 days. Ravi can build the wall in 18 days. How many days would it take them together to 
build the wall?
2. Mathew, a started a balloon shop that earnes him a profit of Rs1 on the first day, 3 on the second, 5 on the 
third day and so on. How mauch profit would have Mathew made exactly at the end of the first year?
3. Andy, Ben and Cathy are all workers at factory who can respectively assemble a complex engine in 14,16 and 18 
hours. Andy and Ben starts the work and continues it for 5 days. On the sixth day, Ben is replaced by Cathy. How 
long will the team take to assemble the engine?
4. A contractor needs 100 bolts for complete a work. He gives Rs100 to a worker and asks him to procure them from 
the nearby market. The worker found that the shop has high quality bolts that costs Rs 10 a pice, average quality 
ones that costs Rs 5 and low quality ones that costs 50p but none of them alone would number 100. So he decided 
to buy a mix of all. How many low quality bolts would he buy?
5. A cub strayed away from it's den. With the help of a radio collar, it was found that it had first moved north 
wards 8 miles, then 4 miles towards right, then 4 miles towards south and again 4 miles towards the right. How 
far is the cub from the den and in what direction?
6. In a group, 20 people drinks tea while 30 drinks coffee. If 10 people drinks both of these, how big is the group?
7. In a football match, each team had 11 members. Each member of a team shook hands with all other players of the 
other team both before and after the match. How many shake hands were there all together?
8. 100 spheres are arranged in 10 rows and 10 columns based on their weight. The heaviest among each row is taken 
out and the lighest among them is marked A. Now these spheres are replaced to their original positions and the 
lighest among each column is taken out. The heaviest among them is marked B. Which of them (A or B) would be 
9. Ramesh spends 1/5 of his pocket money on a movie, 1/3 of the remaining money on food and travels back homw with 
1/2 of the money left. He has Rs 100 left on reaching home. How much money did he initially have?
10. A faulty clock loses 2 minutes every 30 minutes. It is caliburated at 12 noon and started. What time would the 
clock show when the time is 12 noon on the third day?
11. Complete the series.
29, 11, 13, 17, 25, 32, 37, 47, ___
12. A class consits of 30 girls and 40 students. The average weight of girls is 45 and that of boys is 60. What is 
the average weight of the class?
13. If 50% of (a - b) is= 30% of (a + b), then what percentage of x is y?
14. A shopkeper buys milk at Rs 10 per liter and mixes water in it and sells the mixture at the same price and makes 
a profit of 2 per litre. In what proportion does he mix water and milk?
15. Ravi walks from his house to the bus station. He notices that if he walk at 4kmph he misses the bus by 4 minutes 
and if he walks at 6 kmph, the bus would start only 6 minutes after he reaches the station. How far is the 
station from his house?

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