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1. Rs 100 is divided into smaller sets of different values such that any amount below 100 can be made from these sets. How many sets would you have?
2. Two trains traveling towards each other at 20kmph each are 80km apart. A bird starts at the front of one train and flies towards the other at a speed of 60kmph and on reaching the other train, it flies back towards the first train and repeats. What would be the distance travelled by the bird before the trains finally collide?
3. Ravi and Raja are 20Kms apart. Ravi starts towards Raja at a speed of 4kmph at 10 AM while Raja starts off at 12 PM towards Ravi at a speed of 1kmph and keeps increases his speed by 1kmph every hour.If so, at what time would they meet each other?
4. Three burglars were caught while robbing a home, a bank and a jwellery.
x says " y had robbed the bank "
z says " y had robbed the jwellery"
y says that he is not involved in any of these.
the one who had robbed the home is speaking truth and the one who had robbed the bank is not. Identify who robbed where?
5. In a river flowing at a speed of 4kmph, a speed boat goes 12km upstream and back to the starting point in 50 minutes. Find the speed of the speed boat in still water.
6. John swims with the current at 12kmph. The speed of the river is 3kmph. At what speed could John swim against the current?
7. Sugar worth 40 Rs per kg, 50 per kg and x Rs per kg are mixed in the ratio 2:3:4 to get a mixture worth 50 Rs per kg. Find the value of x.
8. A milk seller buys milk at Rs 10 per litre and sells it at the same rate and makes a profit of 10% by adding water to it. How much water does he add to a litre of milk?
9. Peter has twice the number of apples as Jenny. If Peter gives 5 apples to Jenny, he would have 4 apples less than Jenny. How much apples do they have in all?

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