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Wipro is one among the top 3 in India. Wipro also offers a wide range of fields to choose from. More over Wipro also has the  reputation of the first manufacturer of 8086 micro processor outside the US . The Wipro test takes the following pattern in 2006.


There are a total of 3 rounds.

Round I Written
Round II Tech Interview
Round III  HR Interview

The written round consists of three sections viz, Verbal, Aptitude and Technical. The verbal round had 15 questions to be solved in 15 minutes. This part had antonyms, synonyms and fill in the blanks. There was also a comprehension passage. This section was a bit tough when compared to the other two sections. The second section which was the aptitude section too had 15 questions to be solved in 15 minutes. This part had questions based on time-work. A set of statements were given and a few questions followed them. Some series questions were also there. This part was fairly simple. The third section was technical and had 20 questions to be solved in 20 minutes. So the written round had a total of 50 questions to be solved in 50 minutes. The tech questions were based on C programming, Data bases and general computer awareness.

The second round was the technical interview. As usual it started with my self introduction. Then he asked about my favorite subject (not language) and asked questions from some other subject! He also asked me to write a few programs and Object Oriented concepts. It was a good experience.

The HR interview was jus more than a casual talk. She asked me about home n surrounding places, my aim in life n such things. She also asked me what was the most interesting thing that I found in their PPT. So guys do listen well.


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