Aptitude Test



This part is aimed at testing the problem solving ability and logical reasoning of the candidate. The questions are simple and can be solved by any engineering student. The buzz word here is TIME!!! Itís a bit hard to solve the paper completely. But with practice and knowledge about the question pattern this part can easily be handled. The types of questions that usually appear in this section are:-

1. Age related questions
2. Height related questions
3. Weight related questions
4. Ratio and Proportion
5. Pipes and tanks
6. Work
7. Probability
8. Number series etc


 Books For The Aptitude Part

Itís always a good idea to practice doing aptitude questions even before you know that some company is coming your way. The books listed below are best suited to prepare for the aptitude test.

1. Quantitative Aptitude by R S Agarwal
2. Puzzles To Puzzle You by Shakunthala Devi
3. More Puzzles To Puzzle You by Shakunthala Devi
4. Brain Teasers by George Summers

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