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 GDs came all the way from IIM admission procedure. This part of the selection procedure is intended to test the communication skill of the candidate. It also aims at analyzing the behavior of the candidate in a group. There is not a single company that assigns projects to individuals. Instead the assignment is given to a group. So the company should ensure that the candidate is capable of working in a group and thus the GD. The candidates who cleared all the previous rounds are called in groups (usually 10 members) for the GD. A topic is given by the moderator and the candidates are allowed to speak on it for 10 minutes aprox. The moderator notes each person and gives them grades. Finally a candidate should conclude. These are some of the things that should be kept in mind when taking part in a GD:-


1. Have a smiling face
2. Speak politely
3. Try to start the discussion; there are special points for it
4. Look into the eyes of other members when you speak
5. Speak clearly and audibly
6. Put in as many points as you can
7. Try to moderate the discussion
8. Try to conclude


1. Do not interrupt a speaker
2. Do not look at the moderator
3. Do not keep your legs crossed
4. Do not argue; itís not a debate
5. Do not beat around the bush.

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