IBM Placement Papers



1. The number in the unit's place when 7 is raised to the power of 173 is?
2. In a basket there are 4 pairs of brown sox, 2 pairs of red sox and 3 pairs of blue sox. A boy picks a pair at once from this basket. What is the probability 
that he picks a correct pair of sox?
3. The geometric mean of two numbers is 6. What are the numbers if it is known that their arithmetic mean is 10?
4. The ratio of water to milk in a 15 litre solution is 1:4. The shopkeeper adds some milk to make the ratio to 1:5. How many litres of milk was added?
5. It was found that there were a total of 46 people at a company dinner. Each of the persons shook hands with all other paersons. What would be the total 
number of hand shakes?
6. An F1 driver races a 4 laps at speeds of 270, 270, 290 and 280kmph. What is his average speed in the whole race?
7. A square tin sheet is made into a cube by cutting a square each from all corners and then folding the sides up. If this cube can hold 1000 ml of water, what 
was the side of the original tin sheet?
8. How many cylinders of radius r/10 and height h/10 can be formed by melting and reforging a metalic cylinder of radius h and height r?
9. Ravi has Rs200 with him. With this money he can either buy 25 apples or 15 pears. He keeps 15% of the money for the next day and buys 15 apples. How many 
pears can he buy with the remaining money?
10. In 2007 a kg of mangoes were sold at a rate of Rs 30 per Kg. If the cost of mangoes increases at 2% more than the inflation rate which is 10%, what would 
2Kgs of mangoes cost in 2010?
11. A farmer joins the mid points of his square shaped paddy field and grows paddy only in the inner square. What is the area used for paddy if the area of the 
field is A sq metres?
12. A rubber ball is dropped from a height of 16 metres and each time it bounces back to half the height. What would be the distance travelled by the ball before 
it comes to rest? 
13. The number of rational numbers between 0 and (42cube - 23cube) is __

 [ans: infinite]

14. It's observed that the first day of 1930 was a Wednesday. What day would be the year's last day? 
15. Ravi, Ramu and Raju shared some bullets among them. Each of them fired 4 bullets and then put all the remaining bullets into a common box. If the number of 
bullets now in the box is exactly the same as the number each of them initially got, how many bullets did they start off with before sharing?
16. Anil, Bobby and Cathy can independently do a pice of work in 40, 50 and 60 days. They together started off doin the work. After 7 days Bobby left work and 
retured on the 10th day. How long will they take to complete the work?

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