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SHREDS, Kochin, August 2006

1. Five questions based on figures. Three / four figures were given and it was asked to find the next figure.
2. Ms. Robert and her husband invited 3 couples for lunch. They had three seats on either side of the table and one at each end .The 4 women were Jannet, Rose, Geraldine and Anitha and the 4 men were Smith,Bill,Jack and Harry. Ms Robert had some particular seating arrangements. The persons at the head and foot of the table must differ in sex.
Persons of the same sex may not be next to each other on either side of the table. Jack and Geraldine may not be on either side. Harry may not be seated on the same side as Anitha
If Geraldine is in the middle seat and Harry is at the head ,which of the following must be true ?
Anitha sits at the foot
Smith sits at the foot
Jannet sits on the same side as Geraldine
Bill is on the side opposite to Geraldine
Jack is on the side opposite to Geraldine
3. Who of the following could not be at the foot if Anitha is at the head ?

A) Rose 
B) Smith 
C) Bill 
D) Jack 
E) Harry 
4. Where must Jack sit if Bill is at the foot, Harry is at an end on one side and Geraldine is at an end on the other side ?

A) At the end 
B) Middle seat on Harry’s side 
C) End seat on Harry’s side 
D) Middle seat on Geraldine’s side 
E) End seat on Geraldine’s side  
5.  If Jack is at the head, Smith in middle seat and Geraldine in the othe middle seat what else may be true ?

A) Jannet is at the foot 
B) Rose is on Geraldine’s side 
C) Anitha is on Geraldine’s side 
D) Bill is on Smith’s side 
E) Harry is on Smith’s side
6. If Jack is at the foot, Harry is in the middle seat ,who must be seated at the head?
A) Jannet 
B) Rose 
C) Anitha 
D) Smith 
E) Bill 
7. A parking expert is evaluating a parkign space (row) for 7 cars. One car has not yet arrived. We will name the cars Audi, Bettle, Citroen, Diamler, Escort and Ford and number the evenly spaced lots 1 through 7, from left to right. The parking expert has specified the below rules should be followed:

Cars Escort and Ford must be in adjacent lots
The distance from Audi to Bettle must be same as that from Citroen to Diamler
The empty lot must not be at the extreme right.

Which of the following parkings is according to the rules ?

Bettle, empty, Audi, Escort, Ford, Diamler, Citroen
Bettle, Citroen, empty, Diamler, Audi, Ford, Escort
Diamler, Escort, Bettle, Citroen, Ford, empty, Audi
Diamler, Ford, Escort, Audi, Citroen, empty, Bettle
Empty, Diamler, Citroen, Ford, Escort, Audi, Bettle 
8. Which of the following could be an empty lot ?

9. If Audi is in 1 and Citroen is in 3,which lot is empty ?

10. If Audi is in 3 and Bettleis in 4 what could be true ?
Citroen is in 6 
Citroen is in 5 
Diamler is in 6 
Ford is in 1 
6 is empty 
11. If Ford is the second lot, what else must be true ?
Audi is in 3 
Bettle is in 4 
Citroenis in 5 
Diamleris in 7 
Escort is in 1 
12. If January 26, 1948 was a Monday, then what day was January 26, 1998? 
13. If June 10, 1950 was a wednesday then which was the nearest year when a June 10 was a Wednesday again? 
14. What is the angle formed between the hour and minute hands of a watch at 1.05? 
15. If the hour hand is passed by the minute hand once in every 55 minutes, what can be said about the watch?
Is it on time, slow or fast? 
16. Two wall clocks ring together at 12pm. One loses 5 mins while the other gains 5 minutes every hour. They will rign together after how many hours?
17. A wall clock gains 7 minutes every 30 minutes. This clock is set to 12 O'clock and it strats ticking. What is the right time when it shows 6:30?

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