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1. Jon, Don and Brad are brothers. Brad was born when Don was 2 years and 6 months old.Don was born when Jon was 3 years and 4 months old. How old is Brad when Don is 8 years and 6 months old?
2. A type of ghee cost Rs 120 per Kg and another type costs 140 per Kg. In what proportion should these ghees be mixed so that the resulting ghee costs 135 per Kg?
3. A milk vendor mixes two milk-water mixtures that have 78% and 86% milk respectively in the ratio 4:3. What would be the percentage of milk in the resulting mixture?
4. If a seller buys a pack of cigaretts at a profit of 10% and sells it at a loss of 8%. What is the profit or loss percentage?
5. There are n who appear at a placement camp. Five percent of them got placed in all companies, another 5% did not get placed at all. 50% of the rest got placed in 3 companies. 20% got placed in 2 companies and 300 of them got placed in only one company. What is n?
6. If a boat can cover a distance of 10 kms while going up stream in certain time and it covers double the distance in down stream in the same time. If the speed of the stream is 5kmph, what is the speed of the boat in down stream?
7. A bag has 5 red balls and 8 blue balls. 2 balls are picked at once from the bag. If it is known that the first ball is blue, what is the probability that the second ball too is blue?
8. A metered rikshaw charges Rs 10 for the first 1 Km and 2 per 1/3 km there after. What whould the charge if this rikshaw is hired for 6 Kms?
9. A pole of length 12m is to be exported. Shipping containers are availabe 2m wide, 3m high and varying length. What is the minimum lenght that the container would need, to ship the pole?
10. A square farm had an area of 11400 square m. The farm owner bought the adjacent rectangular farm and added it to his which increased its area by 50%. What is the perimeter of the farm the owner newly bought?
11. A grandfather clock was set right at 6:30 am. This old clock loses 2 minutes every 45 minutes. What is the correct time when the clock shows 11 am?
12. A college bus travelled 40 miles at 50kmph and then the next k kms in 4 minutes. What is the average speed of the bus?
13. Each student who scored well in a English paper is to be hourned by the college. The students are Andy, Bobby, Catherene, David, Ellena, Falk, George and Harry. Three of these students Bobby, Falk & Harry scored in Hindi too. Two of them David & George scored in Physics too. The seating was such that no two multi-paper scorer would sit next to a multi-paper scorer.

Which of the following combinations is possible in order to have the arrangement of seat assignments as planned?
a. Bobby Andy David Catherene 
b. Bobby David Catherene Ellena 
c. Catherene David Falk George 
d. Ellena David George Catherene

14. To have proper seating arrangement, David should sit between
a. Andy& Bobby 
b. Catherene & Falk 
c. Ellena & George 
d. Catherene & Ellena
15. Which of the following cannot sit next to Falk?
a. Andy 
b. Catherene 
c. Andy & Catherene 
d. David
16. Before all athletes are seated there are two vacant seats on either side of George. Which two athletes may occupy these seats?
a. Andy & David 
b. Andy & Ellena 
c. Catherene & Bobby 
d. Ellena & Harry

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