Choosing The Right Career

If you are standing confused at the crossroads of choosing a career, you are not alone. There are tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of fresh graduates out there along with you - why? Choosing the right career is not easy, all the more when itís your first time doing it!

Career counselling professional can certainly show you various options available and give you unbiased advice, but at the end of the day, you will have to make the decision yourself. So here are a few points that you may want to consider while you are choosing the right career.

To start with, remember that whatever decision you make, is not going to ruin your career. You are not going to be stuck in the one you choose, forever. And the learning you make in one career is not going to get wasted, it can be used throughout your life in someway or other. Knowing this should relieve you of at least some amount of tension.

Keep a watch on the career section that comes with the major newspapers. These, along with online job portals, are great places to find job openings. Go through the list of opening available for you qualification. This would give you an idea about the kind of career options you can pursue. Try exploring more like job description, roles and responsibilities. You would end up with a list of possible careers and the responsibilities they demand. This gives you a blurred picture. You will be the best person to know your own skill sets, likes and dislikes. Try to match list with the kind of work you would like to do and the picture should be clearer.

Do not jump into a job looking only at the salary it offers. Have a high salary wonít keep you happy forever. Also, the fact that someone you know might be successful at a job doesnít necessarily mean that you could be successful at it too. So look for something that you enjoy doing.

In some cases, you may not have much option at the time you begin your career. You might get a campus placement and join the department in which your employer put you in, without your say. You may have to work there for few years during which you will better know if you are suitable for the job or not. If you feel that there is something else that you are better at, you may want consider exploring that option.

A friend of mine at the college where we did our engineering degree, later did a short course in animation and is having successful a career in it. Animation was his hobby and he enjoyed doing it, this made the switch all the more easy and meaningful. Hobbies like blogging too are increasingly becoming favourite career options for fresh graduates. So, if you are totally ignoring your hobby, you may want to give it a re-think!

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