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Any company needs those who are sound at the basics. It’s easy, they know, to teach a person who has the basics. Tech. Interview aims at testing the basic knowledge of a candidate.  Here what you have learnt are put to test. For some companies this round may last up to 2 hours. The questions mainly come from the following areas:-

1. C
2. C++
4. OS
5. Software Engineering
6. Computer Networks
7. Digital


Sample Tech. Interview Qs

When the interviewer asks some totally strange question all on a sudden it is possible that even the most smart candidate can have a shiver in his spines. To avoid such situations it is a good idea to glance through some of these questions when you prepare.

  1. What are your favorite subjects?
  2. What is a function pointer?
  3. Write some C programs…
  4. What is OOP?
  5. What are its features? Explain each:-
  6. What is normalization? Why is it needed?
  7. Which are all the types of normal forms?
  8. What is an OS?
  9. What are its functions?
  10. What is a Kernel?
  11. What functions does the Shell perform?
  12. What are the different kinds of testing?
  13. What are the different s/w development models?
  14. Explain some network hardware?
  15. Explain OSI reference model:-


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