Accenture Placement Papers


Kochin, August 2006

1. A sign post that faced west now points towards the north due to heavy winds. A traveller is moving towards east according to the sign board. In wich direction is he actually travelling
2. A man walks 1 km north then he turns right n walks for 1 km and turns left and continues for one more km. Now he turn right and walks for another km followed by another right turn and 2 kilometers. Find the distance and direction of his final position with respect to his starting point.
3. Raju is 10 years elder to Sita. 10 years from now Raju would be twice as old as sita was before 10 years. How old would be Sita after 12 years.
4. A shop sells a pen for Rs 30 with a profit of 10%. What would be the % of profit / loss if the pen was sold for Rs 27?
5. The population of an island is 2567 and increases at a constant rate of 5% per annum. What was the population of this island before 2 years?
6. To get a mixture worth 10 per litre, what percent of water should be added to milk that costs Rs 15 per litre?
7. A train travels for 40 minutes at a speed of 65kmph and the for 30 minutes at a speed of 45kmph. What is the average speed of the train in this journey?
8. John and Fredd can separetely do a piece of work in 9 and 11 days respectively. If they decide to work on alternate days with Fredd starting on a Monday, in how many days will they be able to finish 2 such pieces of work?
9. Rany said about Reny: "His father is the only son of my mother". How is Rany related to Reny.
10. In a group of 80 students in a tour, 30 eat mangoes, 20 eat pear and 40 eat apples. 7 of them eat pears and apples, 5 of them eat mangoes and apples while 6 of them eat pears and mangoes. Find the number of students who eat all these fruits.
11. In a function hall a group of people are to be seated. If 5 sits on a bench, there wouldn't be benches for 50. If 6 sits on a bench there would be 10 benches free. Find the number of benches in the hall.

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