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Any employer would like to see the candidates and talk to them about the company before the actual process starts. This is called Pre Placement Talk or PPT. In a PPT the candidates are assembled in a hall and a company presenter starts telling about the company. You may be shown snaps of the work environment, the campus etc. This is how the company introduces itself before the candidates. Through the PPT a company tries to project itself with the scope of getting the brains who are really interested. This is also a good ad opportunity for the company in the sense that even if an interested candidate fails to get selected now, there is a possibility of him returning to this company in the future. These are some of the topics that are covered in the PPT:-

1. Who the employer is?
2. The history of the company.
3. What is their domain?
4. What are their strengths?
5. The position to which the recruitment is done
6. Your growth prospects, once absorbed
7. The pay package
8. The selection procedure in detail


A candidate should be very attentive throughout the session as there may be questions from the PPT for the HR interview and other rounds say... "What from our PPT did excite you the most?". Finally the candidates are given an opportunity to ask questions about the employer. It is a good idea to ask questions because there is high chance that you will get noticed by the company and also you can get yourself cleared. Possible questions are:-

(These questions should only be asked if nothing is mentioned about this in the PPT.)

1. What kind of work do you do in <your favorite technology>?
2. Will there be training once we are recruited?
3. What is the duration of this training?



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