Satyam Placement Papers


Kochin, August 2006

1. How many days are 500,000 seconds?
2. Find the number that is wrong in the series?
4 9 25 49 100 ...
(Hint: Squares of prime numbers, Ans: 100)
3. There are 10 bolts in a pack, 4 of which are damaged. A sampler picks two bolts from the pack for inspection. If 
the first bolt e picked is good, what is the probaility that the second one is also good?
4. Jobin has p number of shirts with him. Sona has 3 times more shirts than Jobin while Jolly has 3 shirts more than 
Jobin. How many shirts do they have in all?
2p + 9
3p + 3
4p + 3
3p + 4
5. A group of boys can do a certain work in 30 days. Now there is a similar requirement and another group with an 
equal number of boys are brought to do the work. In how many days can the second group finish the work if it is 
known that 3 boys of the second group, in one hour can only do what 2 boys of the first group can complete in one 
6. There are two threads of different that have a particular property. Each thread when burnt will take exactly one 
hour to complete. It is also known that they burn non uniformly; ie, they can burn fast for a certain length and 
then suddenly slow down or speed up. With these threads how can you find when is it that 45 minutes get elapsed?
7. Peter works at a mill where he's paid 7$ for every days he's present and 3$ for every day he's absent. At the end 
of 60 days if he's paid 170$, how many days were he present?
8. Michel, Naveda and Onil are taking part in a race of 12Km. Michel runs at have the speed of Onil and Onil runs at 
three fourth the speed of Naveda. If Naveda runs at 4 kmph, how muc time does it take Michel to finish the race?
9. Madhav cycles through the boundries of a square field of side 1 Km. He moves at a speed of 30kmph on one side and 
at 40 kmph on another. He covers the third side in 4 minutes and has an average speed of 35kmph in the full lap. 
What is the speed at which Madhav covered the fourth side?
10. Four students got an average mark of 78 for a subject. Another student joins this group to raise the average to 80. 
What mark does the student wo joined last have?
11. Five years ago, When they got married Ravi and Rani had an average age of 23 years. They were blessed with a child in this time and the average age of their family has come down to 20 years. If so, how old is the child now? 
12. Two litres of a mix of milk and water has 10% of water. This mixture is again mixed with four litres another 
mixture that contains 92% milk. Now to the newly formed mixture 500ml of pure water is added. What percent of the solution is milk?
13. In 2003 Ramu was twice as old as his son. In 2016, the sum of their ages in 66. If these statements are made some 
time in 2006, what is the age of Ramu in 2008?
14. There are hourly bus services from Hyderabad to Vizak and from vizak to Hyderabad that operate between 6Am and 
10Pm. A bus takes 7 hours to travel this route. If so, how many buses the the first bus that starts from Hyderabad 
cross? How many buses does the bus that starts from Vizak at 6Pm cross?

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