3 A's of Career Change - III

woman think about career changeThis is the third part of the 3-page career change series. You may find the other parts of the series here:
3 As of Career Change I: Analyse
3 As of Career Change II: Augment

You are now at the final part of your career change planning. This section will leave you with a plan that would land you in your dream job.

Network This is one of the things that you cant live without in the present day. If you have chosen to do a certification course / University degree, you stand a good chance to get networked at your college. There are also a good number of websites (like Linkedin) out there to network. Even hiring is happens on these sites lately.

Detailed Plan At this point you have all what it takes to build a detailed plan to make the career change a smooth affair. Try to make it as detailed as possible and tag deadlines to the tasks.

Start off Part-time While still at your present job or university, try to find a part time job that would take you closer to the dream one. This can go a long way in giving you a feel of how your new career would be. This will also give you the right exposure and experience to ace at your new career once you are there.

Be Flexible Be flexible and open to all kind of jobs at this stage. Do not limit yourself to the kind of jobs that you have been doing. Instead concentrate on your long-term goals and strengths (table you made already) to make a smart choice.

Research Companies Do a research to find companies that offer career opportunities that you have identified. Find details of how they hire and what qualities they look for. Make a list of these companies and network with people there. Keep in touch with them to get early information of any opening.

With consistency and sheer will power, you will be able to make the career change a smooth process and align your career in-line with your long-term goals. Live the life of your dreams!

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