3 A's of Career Change - II

woman think about career changeThis is the second part of the 3-page career change series. You may find the other parts of the series here:
3 As of Career Change I: Analyse
3 As of Career Change III: Ace


This part deepens the analysis giving you insights into your future while showing you the courses and companies available for you. This part augments your analysis and will help you take the right decision.

Short-term Courses Be informed that a career change may require you to do a lot of learning. You will have to start all new. In case you require a re-skill for the new career, do a research to find various short-term courses that can equip you with the right skills needed to shine in the new career. Short courses in animation, for example, can go a great way.

University Degree It may even require you to take a University degree. This sounds more specific to say, a shift in career from an engineer to a sales manager, which obviously would require an MBA in most cases. University fees are huge, so plan for shelling it out.

Money Reserve A career change can also mean that you may not have an active means of revenue for the next few months or even years (University Degree). So it goes without saying that you need to have a cash reserve to keep you going.

Consult Your Family Discuss about your plans with your spouse and children (if old enough). What do they think about your plan? Convey clearly that there may a dip in your revenues for the months to come but for a better tomorrow.

Pros and Cons Now that you have done all these, you would have enough data in hand to list out the pros and cons of the career shift. Clearly the pros should far outweight the cons. Listing these down on paper can also make you realise whats going to be your journey like for the next few months.

3 As of Career Change III: Ace

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