Syntel Test Pattern



The Syntel test takes the following pattern in 2006.


There are a total of _ rounds.

Round I Written
Round II ---
Round III ---
Round IV ---


The written round consists of three sections viz, English, Quantitative and Reasoning. The English section had 25 questions to be answered in 15 minutes. The Quantitative section had 45 questions to be solved in 45 minutes. The Reasoning section had 30 questions to be solved in 30 minutes.

The English section had some synonyms, antonyms and sentence correction. The Quantitative section had some problems based on simple interest and compound interest. There were questions based on number theory like the digit in the units place of a power. Some combination problems, some probability based questions and some questions based on tanks and pipes.

The reasoning part had blood relationship based questions, some questions in which there were a set of people, some conditions were given and some questions followed. These questions could earn more marks as it's easy once you get things clear.

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