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Cognizant Technology Solutions ( CTS ) is one of the best Indian employers in the IT sector. The CTS test takes the following pattern in 2006.


There are a total of 3 rounds.

Round I Written
Round II Tech Interview
Round III HR Interview

The written round consists mainly of Aptitude questions. There are 40 questions each of which carries 1 mark. There is a negative marking of .25 per wrong answer. The total time for the test is 60 minutes. Usually a set of statements defining a problem will be given and there will be 3-4 questions following it.

Technical Interview has a set of basic C questions. Rest of the questions will be based on your branch.

HR round has a set of situation based questions. They have made it a habit of asking how you would spent a 7 day holiday! "Why should we hire you?" is another common question for the CTS interview.


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