L&T Test Pattern



L&T is a very big multi faced company. They are into many fields like infrastructure development, software consulting etc. The L&T test takes the following pattern.


There are a total of 4 rounds.

Round I Written
Round II Written
Round III GD
Round IV Interview


Round I is a written analytical round with 50 questions to be solved in 1 hour. This round is common for all branches. We have questions from English, some aptitude questions and data interpretation questions.

Round II is a technical round. This is based on the stream of the candidate. For example Computer Science guys have questions only from Computer subjects like Hardware, DBMS , Operating System, HTML, XML and Computer Networks.

Round III is the Group Discussion. Here it was not an elimination round. It was conducted on 10 member groups. The students were asked to select the topic for the discussion in some groups while in some other groups the official gave the topic right away.

Round IV was the interview. No further information is clearly available about the interview.


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