HP Test Pattern



HP has a technical intensive selection procedure. So be ready with a favorite subject and a confident programming language!

There are a total of 4 rounds.

Round I Written
Round II GD
Round III Tech Interview
Round IV HR Interview

The 6 sections in written round are.

Analytical 25 Mins
C programming 10 Mins
General theory questions 5 Mins
DBMS questions 5 Mins
Data Comm. and Networking 5 Mins
Operating systems 5 Mins

The General ability part consists of aptitude questions, questions from English language and so on. Computer Awareness part has questions on computer basics, some expansions and people involved with technology. C / C++ has questions from Yashwant Kanithkar's Lets C n Lets C++ books. Any book on Java can make the Java part easy. The GD to is an easy one.

The tech interview is mainly based on the candidate's strong subject. Prepare well as you can get all sorts of questions from your strong subject and programming language. They simply ask you to write programs and that too big ones! You knowledge on your projects would also be put to test in this.

The HR interview is more or less a casual talk where they ask about your family and why you have chosen to go for HP.


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