Flextronics Test Pattern



The Flextronics test takes the following pattern in 2005-06.


Round Questions Duration (Min)

Verbal Ability 15 15
Analytical Ability 15 20
Mental Ability 15 15
OS + DS + Alg 15 20
C or C++ 20 20
Learning Ability 10 15
Essay Writing 1 5


Flextronics test does not have have negative marking. After the expiry of the allotted time for each test they collect the question papers back. Verbal ability round has questions from synonyms and sentence completion. Its also has a comprehension passage followed by a set of questions.

Analytical ability round has questions from probability, percentages and cubes. You can also expect questions from Set Theory. R.S. Aggarwal can be sufficient for you to clear this test.

Mental Ability round has questions mainly from pattern matching. There can also be some substitution type of questions.

The fourth round as the name suggests has questions from OS concepts like Semaphore, Deadlock etc. There are questions from linked lists, queues, stacks, trees etc. and insertion and deletion into these.

The C part has questions from pointers and bit level operations. Lets C by Yeshwant Kanithkar can get this part cleared.

Learning ability test is to check the memorizing ability of the candidate. We are given a passage which we will have to read and memorize. We will have to write the answers based on the learned passage. Though this round is of 15 minutes duration, the question papers will be collected by the end of 10 minutes.

Easy writing round has a situation and we will have to write an essay not exceeding 100 words about the situation.


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