Cap Gemini Test Pattern


August 2006

Accenture is a Global leader and therefore screens candidates thoroughly before placing them. The Accenture test takes the following pattern in 2006.


There are a total of 3 rounds.

Round I Written
Round II Tech Interview
Round III HR Interview

The written round which takes 90 minutes consists of 80 questions divided into three sections viz, Quantitative, Analytical and Verbal. Quantitative part had 25 questions comprising of geometry stuff and linear equations. Analytical part was mainly puzzle like. Each set of facts was followed by 3-4 questions. This part had a total of 30 questions. The verbal round which has 25 questions is fairly simple. Barron's can do the job for you. The questions are directly from this book. This part mainly has antonyms, sentence correction and synonyms.

Technical Interview will be centered around your project and subject basics. It's an easy round.

The HR round seems to be a hard nut to crack!


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