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1. There are two balls in a cup. When a number y is divided by 91 we would get a reminder of 70. What would be the reminder when y is divide by 13?
2. 12 kg of fresh fruit which has 80% of water content is dried such that it now has only 20% of water content. What would be the weight of the fruit now?
3. The population of a small town increases at the rate of 6% every year. If the place had a population of 30000 in Jan 2007, what would be population in Jan 2010?
4. A wall clock shows the time as 8:30. What is the angle between the minute hand and hour hand of the clock?
5. A group of boys are arranged in the ascending order of their heights. Jon is is ranked 7th from the first and 40th from the last. How many boys are present in the group? 
6. Roger scores 85% in an exam that has 3 papers. He scored 80% for the first paper while the score was 90% for the second. How much would have Roger scored for the third paper?
7. A swimmer takes 16 minutes to swim up and down a stream covering a total distance of 110 m. At what speed will the swimmer be swimming in still water if the speed of the stream is 3 m per minute?
8. A mobile vegetable vendor has only a weight of 1 Kg with him. A customer wants to buy the whole lot of 31 Kgs that the vendor is having. The minimum number of times that the vendor would need to measure would be _____?
9. A shopkeeper has Rs 100. He decides to get the amount changed into coins and then group these coins in a such a manner that he would be able to make any amount from 1 to 100 by taking one or more groups. How would he divide Rs 100 to accomplish this?
10. Two morning walkers start their walk together at a point with their right leg as the first step. They walk in such a manner that the first one takes 5 steps for every 7 steps of the second. How many steps would the second one take before they again take the right step together?
11. Raju and Ravi starts a business with an investment of Rs 10000 and Rs 20000 respectively. After 40 days they got a profit of Rs 6000. How would they divide this profit?
12. There are two bottles which have water and milk in the ratios 1:6 and 1: 4 respectively. The contents of both the bottles are poured into a third bottle. What would be the ratio of the milk to water in third bottle?
13. How many multiples of 2 that are divisible by 3 exists between 100 and 200 (both inclusive)?
14. How many two digit numbers can be formed with 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 such that no number is repeated?
15. A two digit number when reversed and multiplied by 4 is 3 more than the original number. Find the new number?
16. A rectangle of area 50cm square is cut of a circle. What would be the radius of the smallest circle from which this rectangle can be cut?
17. Kiran pointed a lady sitting in a group and told his friend that she is the is the daughter of my grand mother's only son. How is she related to Kiran?
18. A man faces north and walks for some distance. Then he turns right and moves the same distance before turning left and moving the same distance. He then turns left and moves the same distance. Finally he turns righ and resumes walking. In what direction is he moving with respect to the point where he started?

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