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1. Ravi invested in the shares of 6 companies with Rs 10000 each . After a certain period, when he sold all of these, he got a total profit of 40%. After analysing, Ravi finds that 10% of the total profit was given by a company X. What was the profit given by company X in Rupees?
2. Fill in the missing numbers in the below series.
6723, 6234, 5745, ____, 4767, ____
3. Fill in the missing numbers in the below series.
22, 26, 34, ___, 46, ___
4. 6 years back, Rom and Dom had their ages in the ratio 1:2. 6 years from now the ratio of their ages would be 3:4. What is the ratio of their ages today?
5. The primeter of a square is 128 square metre. What is it's area?
6. Find the number from the below list such that 320 is greater than 43% of the number.
747, 749, 744, 745 
7. A train travels a distance of 240 Kms in a time of 8Hrs while another train covers 420 Kms in 7 Hrs. The difference in speed of the trains is _____
8. Alex borrows a certain sum from a banker at 12% simple interest. After 5 years he pays the banker a sum of 32,000. What was the sum he originally borrowed? 
9. Each employee of a small scale factory can make 12 toys a day. If 25 employees start on project of making 1800 toys, in how many days will they be able to ship it?
10. A car delearship makes a profit of 11% on each model T car sold. If customers pay a sum of 832500 for this model, what is the original price of the model?
11. If k is twice as much as c and c is thrice as much as i and k + c + i = 42 then k - c - i = _____?
12. John speaks truth in 75% of the cases and Jack lies in 20% of the cases. In what percentage of the cases are they likely to contradict each other narrating the same incident?
13. Three balls are picked from a bag that contains 4 blue, 5 green and 6 yellow balls. The probablity that all of them are green is _____
14. Two dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probabilty to get 2 numbers whose sum is odd?
15. A general body of 6 members is to be formed from a group of students with 6 boys and 8 girls. The body should have a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls. In how may ways cann the body be formed?
16. In what ratio should a shopkeeper mix rice costing RS 7.10 and rice costing Rs 6.10 so that he makes 10% profit by celling it at Rs 6.80?
17. What amount of water should be added to 12 litres of milk of Rs 20 per litre to get a mixture that could be sold at a price of 18 per litre?
18. Two numbers are in the ratio 2:3. If 6 is added to both, the ratio changes to 3:4. What is the smaller number?

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